5 things others can learn from Altamonte Springs’ partnership with Uber


Orlando Business Journal, Matthew Richardson


Altamonte Springs is doing something a little different to get people to use other modes of transportation rather than their own car, and the hope is that it helps create a smoother flowing traffic system than the congested one that currently exists.

Altamonte Springs officially partnered with Uber, agreeing to pay up to 25 percent of a ride if it takes place within the city and involves going to SunRail. And while Uber is operating throughout Central Florida already, the company said it was a completely new move for the city to pay a subsidy for rides. But it’s a move other cities in Central Florida may want to pay attention to.

Here’s what the Altamonte Springs’ goals are for the partnership:

Traffic reduction: The fewer cars there are on the road due to taking shared transportation, the less traffic congestion there will be.

Improve SunRail ridership: SunRail was a big $1.3 billion investment all throughout Central Florida, but the challenge now is getting people to ride the public transit system frequently. While other cities have come up with ways to close that gap between a SunRail station to a rider’s next destination, Altamonte Springs is willing to close that gap by helping pay for the cost. That may further encourage more people to ride SunRail.

Meet changing transportation needs of the community: Millennials are always searching for new ways for transportation, and Uber is known to be well-received by the younger generation.

Offer flexible transit options: While bus systems are a means of getting around, the schedule is not always something that meets the needs for everyone. On-demand systems from using a mobile app allow for flexible use.

Assess ways that technology helps meet the future need for transportation: Many Americans today have some sort of mobile device, allowing them to hail a ride using an app rather than phone service.