Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire


Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword. This oft-used phrase could accurately describe the rise and potential fall of one of the most transformational companies in recent memory. Uber, the ride sharing company, has essentially revolutionized the taxi for hire industry in this country in a very short time. But one man’s revolution can become another’s disruption.

Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing by the (Unscientific) Numbers


An intrepid blogger writing for Quoted recently ditched his car for a month and sought to answer whether it’s cheaper to drive a personal car or rely on peer-to-peer taxicab services like Uber and Lyft. Keep in mind; Quoted is published by The Zebra– an online platform for comparing insurance rates and carriers. However, this unscientific
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Entrepreneur Beware: Pitfalls of the Peer-to-Peer Economy


In the sharing economy we invite strangers to sleep in our homes, ride in our cars, and eat at our tables. We even ask them to pick up and deliver our groceries. What’s most remarkable about this era of “collaborative consumption” is that millions of users have turned their personal possessions into commercial assets. Private
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Partisans Embrace Shared Economy While Ignoring Its Shortcomings


Uber has found a friend in Sen. Marco Rubio. The Florida Republican has eagerly and repeatedly praised the ride-hailing platform as a model of innovation in a modern economy. While teaching part-time at Florida International University, Rubio even credits Uber with turning a class of progressive students into advocates for deregulation. But Rubio – who
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Sharing Economy Growth Outpaces Regulatory Oversight


Americans use of sharing platforms skyrocketed in 2014. Last year, Airbnb hit a milestone of one million properties and 25 million guests, with accommodations ranging from simple apartments to medieval castles. On the transportation side, Uber garnered $40 billion from investors to continue expanding its ridesharing platform over competitors like Lyft and SideCar. But the new
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Uber’s Big Bluff in San Antonio


For a company known for flaunting the rules and ignoring regulators, Uber’s threat that it might close its ride-sharing platform in San Antonio should be taken with a town car full of salt. After all, Uber has been banned in lots of places (this week in Spain, Thailand and India) and kept operating anyway. Unlike
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