Legislators piling on: Bills would regulate Airbnb, home-sharing services


Sacramento Business Journal, by Allen Young

A group of bills have surfaced in the state Capitol to regulate online home-rental companies such as Airbnb. The proposals seek to set tax rules and help users of the services understand the risks.

Following in the footsteps of Uber and Lyft, Airbnb appears to be the next sharing service giant to collide with regulators over a business model that helps people share their goods and services, disrupting a traditional industry along the way.

“The sharing economy is here to stay and we should be working together on progressive rules that help regular Californians pay their bills and pursue their dreams,” said Christopher Nulty, an Airbnb spokesman.

Here is a quick rundown of recently-introduced bills.

  • Senate Bill 593 by Sen. Mike McGuire, a Healdsburg Democrat, would require online vacation rental companies to report to cities and counties on homes that are up for rent. The mandate would allow local governments to collect transient occupancy taxes from the homeowners. The bill does not yet have formal language.


  • Senate Bill 761 by Sen. Isadore Hall, a Compton Democrat, would require online vacation rental companies to explain to tenants that using the service may lead to their eviction if it is in violation of a lease. The bill also does not have formal language in it at this time.


  • Assembly Bill 1220 by Assemblyman Matthew Harper, a Republican from Huntington Beach, would favor the industry by prohibiting local governments from levying taxes on short-term rentals.